All of the animals up for adoption have been seen by a veterinarian. They have all of their vaccines, have been spayed or neutered, and have been flea and worm treated. 


Shadow has been adopted!

Black Lab Mix

Shadow is approximately one and a half years old.


He is an extremely energetic dog, has had no leash training, he dominates other dogs, and is not comfortable around small children.


He would benefit from an owner that is active, that has a lot of patience and is willing to take the time to train him. 


Border Collie Pug Mix

Huron is a border collie pug mix, approximately 9 months old.


He is very lovable, and outstandingly affectionate. He would benefit from an active and patient home where he receives plenty of attention and training.


He gets along with other dogs and children, we are unsure about cats. He runs off if he is not fenced in.

Cinder has been adopted!

Husky Shepherd Mix

Cinder is appoximately one and a half years old.

She is shy with people, but lovable when she trusts you. She has food aggression. She gets along well with other dogs, and we think she gets along with children but are unsure of cats. She urinates when nervous. She loves to be outside.  

She would benefit from someone with plenty of patience and experience with dogs. She will be ready for adoption Nov. 21


Sammy & Cody


Sammy and Cody were surrendered after their owner passed away. They are a package deal. Despite their appearance, these cats are extremely affectionate and want to cuddle with you as soon as you enter the room. These cats are 9 years old, and would benefit from a home with no other animals or small children. We are offering a discounted rate to adopt these two together.



Mindy is roughly a year and a half old. She has a warm personality and is very friendly. She purrs as soon as you pet her, and plays well with the kittens. She doesn’t interact much with the other adult cats but has not shown any behavioural problems or agression and has a calm demeanour Mindy was surrendered by the city, and so it is unsure how she responds to dogs or children. 



Melvin is about 3 years old and has been at the shelter for a year in January. He keeps to himself frequently. He purrs and chirps when you pet him. He definitely prefers people over other animals, but gets along well with other cats. He loves to sleep at the top of the tower in the sunlight next to the window. Don’t believe the superstition! Though he may be all black, this cat is not bad luck! 



Maria is a typical calico. That means she is very independent, self confident, and a natural born leader. She doesn’t pay much attention to people when they enter the room, but plays well with the other cats and kittens. When it comes to feeding time she will make you chase her around the room and run through the tunnels before she will let you catch her. 



Lacey is coming up on 10 months old. She is quiet for a kitten. She is usually found curled up nice and cozy somewhere. She will play with the other kittens sometimes, but is very laid back and likes her space. She has no agression or behavioural issues. She comes to people when they enter the room and likes to be paid attention to.        



Pharoh is about 2 and a half years old. He is affectionate and talkative. He is nervous around other cats and tries to ignore them. He has just been introduced to our common area for cats, and we don’t think it will take long for him to start interacting with the other cats. He was surrendered by the city so we don’t know how well he responds to dogs or children.



Felix is a very playful cat. Every time you enter the room you will find him playing with the kittens. Rarely will you find him curled up sleeping. He also loves to talk. Hes friendly with other cats and loves cuddles. If you stand where he is level with your torso he will try to climb onto you where you will have to hold him and will press his face against yours. 



Crystal was extremely timid four weeks ago, and has since become much more comfortable with the other cats and her surroundings. She will lounge on the towers now instead of hide up on the windowsill and actually lets you rub her head and ears while she’s relaxing. She is still a pushover, and likes to be fed away from the other cats.    



Bella is a great cat. She does not like to be picked up, but loves to be brushed and have her belly rubbed. She would be a great cat for someone who is home frequently and would like a companion. She has a bit of a sour attitude when being made to move from one place to another, but she is only vocal. 



Janis is roughly 4 years old. She is a very vocal cat, and she purrs as soon as you pick her up. She was only just introduced to all of our other cats, and for now she is hiding away from them. She is affectionate with people, and is obsessed with food. She is a happy cat despite her sad eyes!



Nikko was surrendered because he would dominate other cats. Since being at the shelter he has not shown any signs of aggression toward other cats or people. He is affectionate, and focuses on your face when coming in for cuddles. He will bump his nose on your nose and climb into your lap.



Kitty is very timid and keeps to himself. He takes his time warming up to people but is not skiddish. He doesn’t interact with the other cats and has no known behavioural issues. He can usually be found perched on a ledge watching everything from higher up, or right by the entry door waiting to slip out.



JayJay is 11 years young. He does not look his age, but he is an extra large boy. His previous home had a dog and they’d go for walks together. He likes attention when he wants it, and likes to stay in the little house at the top of the cat tree pictured here. He gets along just fine with the other cats. 


Didn’t find your perfect match?

Keep checking in with us! We are always accepting new cats and dogs who need to find their forever homes!